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Title Description Link
U.S. Census main page A gateway to all census information.  (Note: it is not always easy to find information that is at this site.  Keep looking.) www.census.gov
Census Factfinder A search engine for finding miscellaneous census facts. Factfinder
Census Quickfacts A place to compare single state data to the entire U.S. Quickfacts
Census Data Access Tools Create maps, use gazeteers, etc. Data Tools
Lewis Mumford Center Census data and analytic tools Mumford Center
CensusScope A portal to various census-based studies and their data. www.censusscope.org
Historical Census Browser Census data back to 1790 click here

These data sources were collected by Jim Spickard and students in his SOAN 319: Quantitative Sociology course at the University of Redlands.

Web Site: www.socialdata.info