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Title Description Link
FedStats A gateway to statistics from various federal agencies
Statlib An archive through which scholars can share data on many subjects.  Even baseball stats and studies using them. Statlib
Government Information Sharing Project A former University of Oregon site that provides data not found elsewhere.  (This links to their information about where they got their material.) GovStats
Political Science Resources A gateway compiled by Richard Kimber click here
International Consortium for Political and Social Research A series of data sets, some analyzable online ICPSR
Berkeley Survey Data Site A series of survey data sets with an online data analysis system. SDA Archive

Understanding the World Today -- dataset page

A gateway to a multitude of data sources: demographics, economic data, political data, international data, etc.  Includes international data.  Frequently updated UWT Datasets

These data sources were collected by Jim Spickard and students in his SOAN 319: Quantitative Sociology course at the University of Redlands.

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